Energy Savers

Lighting Energy Saver

Lighting Energy Saver
Lighting Energy Saver for lighting & mixed load is highly efficient equipment, which optimizes the voltage and the current in the circuit and the consumption of energy decreases in the approximately square proportion of applied input voltage. In this way the consumption in the output circuit will reach an optimum level.

As per the circuit schematic layout of Energy Saver as given below, the equipment has two types of windings. These are main winding A and inverse phase energy saving secondary winding B. When winding A is connected to main supply source, current starts flowing through it in proportion to the source voltage. Magnetic induction takes place simultaneously in winding B. Since winding B is also connected in series to the load, the energy induced by magnetic induction leads to optimization of voltage as well as current. Ultimately this brings down electricity consumption up to 25%.

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Energy Savers

Energy Savers
In present scenario the gap between demand and supply of electricity is ever increasing and, therefore, properly managing and narrowing this gap has become an imperative. This calls for energy conservation through use of more energy efficient electrical devices. More energy requiring luminaries like incandescent lamps should give way to less energy requiring CFL and LED tubes and bulbs. Even then it has been seen that the electric current drawn is much more than actually required. Use of energy savers helps in reducing the energy wasted by optimizing the voltage and current to optimum levels.

We have state-of-the-art Energy Savers ranging from 1.5 KVA to 1000 KVA (both single phase and three phases) suitable for all kinds of electricity load requirements. These can result in 10- 30% energy saving.

Smart Energy Saver Controller

Smart Energy Saver Controller
Smart Energy Saver Controller for Window/Split/Package/ Ductable Air Conditioner

In any industrial and commercial establishment, air-conditioner constitutes major part of total electricity consumption and plays a vital role in considerably enhancing the energy bills. Most of the existing AC units are very old with ineffective technology and hence less efficient. New ACs with latest technology (like inverter technology) are very costly and have longer payback period. Smart Air Energy Saver makes old AC more effective and saves electricity up to 30%, thus offering an excellent energy saving solution for industrial and commercial establishments.

Smart Air Energy Saver is based on microcontroller technology that works more efficiently than the existing thermostat provided on grill of ACs. A thermocouple is installed in supply air path to sense dynamically the temperature of the supply-air of AC and to ensure desired cooling in the target area. Also it matches the cooling needs of the building by dynamically correcting the temperature by overriding the existing thermostat provided at grill of AC. In the whole process AC works more efficiently and intelligently.

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Performance Study
MakeTypeTRKWH Consumption / hourSaving %
Without Smart AirWith Smart Air
Blue StarPackage115.035.3629

Intelligent Energy Saver for Office

Intelligent Energy Saver for Office
Intelligent Energy Saver is very effective for homes, small offices and commercial centers. It has a combination power factor correction and noise filter to reduce the demand load and increase working efficiency of connected equipments to achieve around 10 to 30% saving in electricity bill. Intelligent Energy Saver may be plugged near the equipment like AC, refrigerator, washing machine etc and “switched ON” continuously to realize maximum saving.

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