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Smart Interactive Whiteboard

First developed by SMART Technologies in 1991, interactive whiteboards are used in schools, colleges, training institutes, studios, hospitals and conference rooms etc. These touch sensitive boards are based on Digital Vision Touch Technology developed and patented by SMART Technologies back in 2001. 

Working : 
The Interactive whiteboard, when connected to projector and computer, sends an image of any application to the projector. The projector in turn reflects that image on the whiteboard. We offers smart board, smart board interactive whiteboard, smart interactive whiteboard, interactive smart board, portable interactive white boards, smart class room solutions provider, smart digital class room, interactive e-learning solutions, interactive learning,electronic smart board, digital class room solution, interactive whiteboard system, interactive board, interactive smart whiteboards to our clients.

The board acts both as a monitor and an input device and lets the user control the application simply by touching the board. While operating the whiteboard, the finger is used as mouse, different types of pen tools are used for writing and the eraser tool is used to erase. One can type anything on the board using on-screen key board. SMART Notebook is its main software that helps to create, edit, deliver and work on the board like a computer. The most commonly used model is SMART Board SB-480.

SMART Interactive Whiteboard Board SB-480
Steel backboard makes it high on durability. A high pressure lamination (HPL) or foam is inserted between the steel and the interactive surface. The interactive surface is made of specialized white paint without any hot spots to enable uniform dispersion of projector light. Once the connection is established, the cameras in the board are lit and the retro reflectors become functional.

Features :
  • Measures 77” diagonal
  • Aspect ratio 4:3
  • Works on DVIT technology
  • Touch sensitive
  • Comes with SMART Notebook software
  • Dry-erase compatible
  • Compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Obtains power from computer
  • It is connected through USB cable to the projector, and the latter is connected to the computer through VGA cable
  • Specially designed optical devices in the Interactive Board enable high touch accuracy
  • The board responds to touch when it is touched with pen or any object over the active screen area. It detects the dark spots and responds to touch.

Smart Notebook Software

The SMART Notebook software helps in efficient working of Interactive Whiteboard and Interactive flat panel. The software allows the user to draw and write using pen and eraser tools. The SMART tools from the software can be used while working on SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard.

SMART Notebook software lets you :
  • Draw or write on the pages using the pen and eraser tools from the pen tray or the SMART Notebook Software Toolbar.
  • The user can access various learning objects from the SMART Notebook Software Gallery.
  • The user can attach documents, shortcuts and hyperlinks to the SMART Notebook file for easy access.
  • An unlimited number of pages can be added, reordered, copied or even deleted
  • The Gallery in the software can contain a number of images, pages, videos and flash files.
  • The Capture tool can be used to capture anything that is displayed on the screen and can be used as an object while working on any SMART Notebook software file.
  • The spell check is also available
  • The Magic Pen tool is used to create Spotlight, as a Magnifier or to write in disappearing ink.

Smart Board Interactive Flat Panel

The SMART board interactive flat panel is specially designed for classrooms. The panel looks like 70glass coated smooth LED display and works on SMART Notebook software. The panel is free from glare and is suitable for 4 students to work upon simultaneously at a time. It is fitted with two speakers and has a life span of 50000 hours.

We are the manufacturer and exporter of smart board interactive flat panel, interactive flat panel, smart interactive flat panel, smart board 8000 series interactive flat panels, digital interactive panel and smart interactive boards.

Available models : E70 and 8055i

Smart Interactive Table

It is virtually a collaborative learning center for small groups supporting gestures like rotate, toss and zoom. The sturdy pedestal prevents tipping by even the most enthusiastic learners and can support 200 lbs on its surface. The intuitive multi-touch (up to 40) interactive surface of SMART Table makes children feel as if they are playing. Up to 8 children can work and learn together simultaneously, so nobody feels being left out. Even those students who are wheel-chair bound or dependent on other such support can easily work on it. Its 42” LCD display surface is scratch and spill resistant, with no shadows or glare. The mobile design also makes it easy to share between classrooms. It has built-in Wi-Fi.

Smart Projectors

SMART Ultra Short Throw Projectors SMART ultra-short- throw projectors offer a good choice for use with a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard. These are easy to use, install and maintain. Images are crisp with high contrast and good color quality. These can be used in classrooms with high ambient lighting. Ultra-short-throw distance virtually eliminates shadows and glare. The projector is mounted directly above the interactive whiteboard and can be easily aligned. Both these projectors are fitted with long-lasting lamp. We offers smart projectors, smart ultra short throw projector, smart light raise interactive projectors, smart interactive projector and ultra short throw projector to our clients.

Available models :
SMART UX80 with 3300 lumens
SMART UF 70 with 2700 lumens

The Smart Light Raise Interactive Projectors

These bring life to the learning process with a combination of pen and touch capabilities. The projector works well with SMART Notebook software on any whiteboard. These projectors are available in two different models, both having four-touch point interactivity, and offer a perfect solution for better learning in a more interactive manner with fun and engagement.

Available models :
60wi with 2500 lumens
60wi2 with 3000 lumens 

Besides SMART projectors we also provide projectors of some of the other leading brands like Epson, BenQ, Sharp, Hitachi, Sony and Sharp etc. We offers interactive projectors, interactive whiteboard projectors, ultra short throw interactive projector.

IR Thermography Services

Ganpati Electricals (P) Ltd. conducts Infra Red Thermography Health-Checks using a digital IR Thermography Camera from the world leader Testo, Europe. This captures the hot spots in the electrical distribution system and other control equipments like motors and server racks etc. Such checks analyze the condition of all electrical terminations in the critical facility area like Data Centre and detect air leaks and temperature variations. Our consultants conduct a thorough survey of the target area / equipment, gather IR photos and conduct physical examination. The unique Thermography Health-Check Service is intended to provide a proactive guidance for maintaining the electrical infrastructure and equipment under survey to improve reliability and prevent unplanned downtime. With the gathered site data, we develop a comprehensive analysis report. This report gives also the recommendations and the necessary corrective actions to help you manage your facilities for desired performance, extend the life and reliability of your infrastructure-hardware, and ensure the optimum level of system availability. IR Thermography Health-Check Service is available to you as a standalone service or integrated into a regular maintenance program.
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